Leanne’s Story

Why do you choose to make monthly donations to the Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan?  

Everyone seems to know of someone that has been impacted by cancer.

My mom, Caroline Hamm, was diagnosed with breast cancer in the fall of 2020.  The Saskatoon Cancer Centre team was very compassionate and supportive to my mom and our family during her treatments.  Unfortunately, the type of cancer she had was very aggressive and she passed away April 29, 2021.

After she passed, we directed her memorial donations to the Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan.  Having the donations stay within the province to help other cancer patients appealed to us.  Following this, I signed up for Monthly Giving Program.


What do you hope your gifts will help achieve for Saskatchewan cancer patients?

It is reassuring to know that my monthly donations may help purchase new equipment or make patient stays more comfortable.  However the donations are used, Saskatchewan cancer patients will benefit.  I know the Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan will utilize the gifts where the need is greatest.


When you join the Monthly Giving Program you can have a greater impact on cancer care while making less impact on your wallet. Your convenient and automatic monthly donation to the Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan will help you achieve your charitable goals with ease.

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We are Stronger Together.

Every dollar donated to the Foundation is used to enhance cancer care for the people and communities of Saskatchewan.
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