PTI Transformers

For PTI Transformers, giving back is a key part of the company’s mission. From its humble beginnings in a backyard garage more than 30 years ago, to a company with more than 350 employees and offices in Regina and Winnipeg today, PTI Transformers remains a community-focused and family-focused company.

“PTI has been there for us as a family, so it’s important that we give back in a way that benefits people in our communities,” said George Partyka, Chairman, and co-founder of PTI Transformers.

“My partner and I decided years ago that we should try and give back — and this is what we did,” says George.

Just one example of PTI’s community involvement is a $75,000 gift to the Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan’s 4D CT Simulator Community Campaign.

“So many people we know have been impacted by cancer, so we thought it would be an important campaign to support.”

Unknown at the time, PTI’s donation to the 4D CT Simulator Community Campaign would play a critical role in the cancer care provided to George’s wife, Janet. She received a 4D CT simulation as part of her treatment following her cancer diagnosis in January of 2021.

George and Janet believe the Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan is critical to enhancing quality cancer care in the province. Their children, George Partyka Jr. and Jamie Carlson, are of the same mind. As they step up to take on the leadership of PTI Transformers, George knows both the business and the community are in good hands.

PTI’s story was featured in Your 2021-2022 Donor Report alongside other inspiring stories of generosity. Read the Report here:

We are Stronger Together.

Every dollar donated to the Foundation is used to enhance cancer care for the people and communities of Saskatchewan.
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