Improving Hematology Oncology – Dr. Bosch

The Saskatchewan Cancer Agency is very proud to have a Saskatchewan born physician as part of their Hematology team. Dr. Mark Bosch grew up in rural Saskatchewan and attended the University of Saskatchewan. His training consisted of both the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon and the Regina General Hospital. Pursuing further studies, he completed his Hematology and Bone Marrow Transplant fellowship at the University of Calgary, receiving many awards for his research and teaching abilities.

Dr. Bosch has been a member of our Hematology team for five years and has contributed to many systematic and operational improvements ultimately improving patient care. His success in these areas points to his greater passion: To bring the latest technology and innovations in hematology-oncology to the people of Saskatchewan.

Dr. Mark Bosch has always been drawn to complex systems and problems. His research focuses on looking at the role molecular mutations play on Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma outcomes and survival. Advancements in this area of research are leading to innovative ideas for improving the approach and timing of patient care.

The Future of Research is Collaborative

Bringing complex technologies from the research bench to the clinic requires a strong team of clinicians and bench researchers. This team is already being assembled with Dr. John DeCoteau and his research lab. Together they are working hard to build a collaborative team with strong communication skills, teamwork, and innovative ideas to bridge the gap between bench research and clinical application. This approach will bring exciting technology to the real world and positively impact patient care.

Looking to the Future

Recent advances using next-generation sequencing has allowed for detection of the individual patient’s lymphoma in the blood. This breakthrough has allowed for non-invasive monitoring before, during, and after therapy at a very high level of sensitivity from a single tube of blood.

By developing these state of the art molecular methods, we will be able to create new blood tests capable of identifying those patients whose lymphoma is recurring, much sooner than currently possible. It is the hope of Dr. Bosch and Dr. DeCoteau’s team to discover and develop these new blood tests and to study the genetic impact on patients with lymphoma.

We are Stronger Together.

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