Do you know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer? If you don’t now, chances are that you will at some point in your lifetime. Wouldn’t you want them to have the very best treatment and care possible when that time comes? I know I would.

Cancer is a devastating disease that directly impacts 16 new people every day in Saskatchewan. And they need your help.

For many, their cancer treatment plan will include chemotherapy at the Saskatoon Cancer Centre or at the Allan Blair Cancer Centre in Regina. A critical tool used in the chemotherapy units is a Vital Signs Monitor (monitor).

When a cancer patient arrives for their appointment, the monitors are used to measure their blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, pulse, temperature, and heart activity. These vital signs offer important clues to confirm that patients are well enough to safely receive treatment.

During chemotherapy, the monitors often give the first signal that a patient is reacting to the medication or their condition has changed. Responding to these changes in real-time can support a better outcome for cancer patients.

The monitors that are in each Cancer Centre now are outdated and there are not enough to meet the demand. You can help provide new technology that will better serve both the patient and their care team. Will you make a donation to help upgrade the Vital Signs Monitors in our Cancer Centres?

The new monitors are Wi-Fi enabled to allow nurses the ability to keep an eye on multiple patients without having to be at the chairside. The new monitors also have larger display screens and sensitive alarms sound should a cancer patient’s vitals fall outside of an appropriate range.

To ensure there is an upgraded monitor beside every chemo chair, the Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan has committed to purchasing 44 Vital Signs Monitors at a cost of $5,000 each.

This is not a small undertaking, but you can help! Every dollar counts. Will you join us with a meaningful donation to ensure that every patient in Saskatchewan has the best care and treatment?

The new Vital Signs Monitors will allow your loved one’s vital sign measurements to be automatically uploaded into their secure, electronic health record. This automation will lower the chance of recording an incorrect or incomplete result, and will allow all care team members to immediately access the most up-to-date patient information with ease.

Whether you are updating your cell phone or the television in your home, it’s easy to take these upgrades for granted. But technology must be prioritized in our Cancer Centres to ensure our care teams have the latest tools to best meet the needs of their patients.

You can support responsive, real-time care for cancer patients. Will you donate today to help purchase 44 new Vital Signs Monitors?

Together we can be sure that when faced with a cancer diagnosis, your loved ones have the best technology, the best care and the best outcome possible. Thank you for your support.