On the frontlines of discovering a new drug or treatment protocol in the fight against cancer are Saskatchewan Cancer Agency researchers.

They are at the forefront of the work being done to better understand cancer. They are driving innovation and discoveries that will make a difference for patients not just in Saskatchewan but potentially around the world.

New Equipment Leads a Paradigm Shift

Saskatchewan has launched a world-first clinical trial that aims to substantially improve quality of life for ovarian cancer patients. By combining multiple test methods together, patients will gain access to more accurate, personalized genomic information, allowing them to make informed choices about their own care. The trial is made possible by a donor-funded NextSeq 550 […]

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Improving Hematology Oncology – Dr. Bosch

The Saskatchewan Cancer Agency is very proud to have a Saskatchewan born physician as part of their Hematology team. Dr. Mark Bosch grew up in rural Saskatchewan and attended the University of Saskatchewan. His training consisted of both the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon and the Regina General Hospital.

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“Google Maps” for the Cancer Cell – Dr. Vizeacoumar

The Vizeacoumar lab aims to build the “Google Map” of the cancer cells. The cells that make up the human body are just like those new places one might visit while on that global adventure. Imagine taking a major road trip without Google Maps.

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What Turns a Gene On – Dr. Bonham

Dr. Bonham has always been interested in how genes are turned on and turned off, and how this process is deregulated in cancer. When he arrived in Saskatoon to begin work at the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency’s Research Unit he had just completed the cloning and characterization of the human SRC gene and was interested in how this important cancer gene appeared to be over-expressed in certain cancers.

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Perking up the Body’s Immune System to Help Fight off Cancer – Dr. Xiang

Dr. Xiang’s lab is participating in two cancer research projects, both focused on perking up the body’s immune system to help fight off cancer. “It’s an exciting story. Our technique is unique. We have the basis, the experience, the protocol and the animal tumour model,” said Dr. Jim Xiang, Senior Research Scientist with the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency.

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